About Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp

Eva’s Play Pups was founded in 2002 by Eva and Sofia, two sisters who are just plain crazy about dogs. They wanted to create a place where dogs can run, play and be loved all day while their owners are busy at work or taking a trip.

Meet Eva

Eva grew up near her grandparents farm in Sweden raising dogs, cats, chicken, cows, pigs, and horses. She developed an understanding of and love for animals at an early age.

She graduated from Hunter College and began her career at a political research company—soon realizing that wasn't the path for her. Instead, she trained as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital and discovered caring for animals was her true calling.

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In 2000, Eva founded Eva’s Play Pups dog walking services, providing dog walking and cat sitting to Park Slope residents and their pets. Today, Eva's Play Pups has evolved to her incredible 56 acre Countryside Dog Boarding Camp at a farm in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Eva is very passionate about her job and loves spending time with the dogs outdoors at the farm, working side by side with the camp staff.  She also takes pride in consistently building on her vision for the future. Providing continuing education and training for the Canine Counselors as well as planning new and fun adventures for the Furry Campers are just a few things that Eva does to make Countryside Camp even more incredible.

Meet Sofia

Sofia Fasth was always surrounded by animals while growing up in Sweden. She spent a lot of time on the family farm along with her sister Eva where she developed a real love and connection with all animals, but became especially close to dogs. After spending numerous years working in restuarants in New York, while putting herself through college, she jumped on the chance to team up with Eva and run Eva's Play Pups.


Sofia currently lives in Brooklyn with her 4 dogs—Lola, a rescue pitbull, Jelly, an akita mix, and Cody and Rocky her Chihuahuas.

Meet a few of our other staff members:

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MEET Sarah

Sarah was born and raised in Orange County, NY.  She moved to Hawley in 2004 and has been with Eva’s Play Pups since October 2016.  Growing up, she was always surrounded by pets and still has quite a few today! She adopted her two dogs, Carly and Beirut from It’s Ruff Without a Roof.  She also has 2 cats, Xena & Rupaul, 2 guinea pigs and a snake named Georgie.  Sarah loves how excited all of her pets get when she comes home from work!

Sarah loves being outside and hiking with the dogs at camp - especially the regular campers!   She is also very dedicated to and involved with rescue work. She also fosters many pups from It’s Ruff Without a Roof and particularly enjoys working with dogs that might have a harder time finding a home.  By showing them love and patience, Sarah helps scared dogs who had a tough past find themselves and become confident and ready to find their fur-ever homes!

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Northeast PA native, Joella, joined Eva’s Play Pups in 2018. Joella has quite the pack of her own including a cat, a snake, a horse, two dogs and three guinea pigs named Snap, Crackle & Pop! She loves working at Eva’s where she can spend time outdoors enjoying gorgeous views of the Endless Mountains from camp while hiking and playing with her canine camper friends!

Joella also enjoys being involved with rescue work. She fosters pups who are looking for their furever homes and enjoys volunteering at adoption events. Joella believes that every dog deserves to feel loved and to have a place to call home!

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Meet Matthew K.

Matt started working with Eva’s Play pups in August of 2013 and is currently attend Penn State University to major in Civil Engineering.  Originally from Allentown, PA, Matt moved to Union Dale in 2002 where he grew up with his 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 3 rabbits. Matt currently has 3 cats named Scrappy, Kali, and Lila.  He actually found Lila while hiking dogs at Eva’s Camp!

Matt’s favorite part of working at Countryside Dog Camp is seeing Eva’s Play Pups regular clients.  He says, “It’s always rewarding when a dog I’ve known for many years comes back to camp. Over the years, I grow bonds with the dogs and learn all of their cute little quirks.”  He also loves that he is able to see those dogs grow up and mature with age.


Meet Brooke

Brooke is a local horse girl who loves animals of all kinds. Growing up, she was surrounded by cats, goats, horses, cows, chickens, pigs and of course dogs of all kinds.  Today Brooke is the proud mama of a blue heeler named Dozer and a little hound mix named Zeek. Brooke has worked at our dog camp since spring of 2014 and she is our very skilled head dog handler.  She knows what a dog is about to do before they know it themselves....  We are happy to have her as part of our team! In her free time, Brooke trains and rides horses and takes care of all the animals on the family farm. Her favorite part of the job is that she is surrounded by happy dogs and gets to do outdoor activities all day.

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Meet Karen

Karen has been part of the Eva’s Play Pups Team since fall of 2016. After leaving Philadelphia where she was born and raised, she ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent much time working with rescue dogs. After returning to NEPA in 2015, she joined Eva’s where she loves working outside in nature with dogs. Karen also enjoys training some of the rescue dogs that live at camp while waiting for a home of their own. Karen is the proud momma of two rescue pitbulls, a breed she has a special place in her heart for.

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Meet Matt T.

Originally born in Alabama, Matt grew up in New Jersey before moving to Scranton, PA in 2008 where he now resides with his 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bearded dragon.  Matt has been a loyal staff member of Eva’s Play Pups since May 2016. He loves spending time with many different dog breeds and is continually working to improve his communication and relationship skills with all of our canine campers.  He also has a special place in his heart for rescue dogs. As an adopted child himself, Matt understands the importance of finding and being welcomed into a forever home.


Meet Janel

Janel has been part of Eva’s Play Pups Team since Spring 2017. Janel was born and raised on a farm in Northeast PA with dogs, cats, goats and cows and loves being outside with animals.

She has three dogs of her own: two herding dogs and a pitbull-catahoula leopard dog mix. She also enjoys fostering rescue dogs for our local rescue It’s Ruff Without a Roof. Janel’s favorite part of working at Eva’s Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp is spending time outdoors in nature with the canine campers and her awesome co-counselors.

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